Online School

What Are the Pros & Cons of Online Schools?

While online education has become a popular option among students, there are many distinct differences between the online study and traditional classroom-based learning. For certain students, they may fit well into online learning format; for others, a campus-based school’s program is a better fitting option. Before you decide which education option to choose for, comparing

School Videos Teach to Many Learners and Learning Styles

If you’ve been in teaching for a while, you probably already know about the multiple learning styles – audio, reading, visual and kinaesthetic – that students (and all humans, including you and me) have. But did you know that school videos are ideally placed for reaching all these learning styles, possibly even more than other forms

Online School Or Home School? Before Shelling Out For a Virtual Academy, Consider the Whole Package

With online virtual academies becoming more common, you may have asked yourself, “Is it possible for children to receive a proper education online?” My opinion may differ from others, but I have researched several online schools, through their websites, and formed some generalizations which I think should be understood before enrolling any student. This article